Solar Energy

Plateau Solar brings rural Navajo elders into the 21st century. Navajo coal supplies the Southwest, Las Vegas, and southern California with low cost electricity and KV lines crisscross the reservation yet tens of thousands of Navajo homes still lack electricity.

Our Philosophy

The benefits of energy independence through solar are many especially when considering pollution free power, smaller carbon footprint, and less reliance on foreign oil and fossil fuels. Solar is proving its reliability through stable energy costs, low maintenance and lower utility bills.

The sun provides more energy in one hour than we use around the world in one year. Solar power is energy obtained by radiation emitted from the sun, and it can be used to generate clean and reusable electricity with the use of solar panels. Solar energy produces electricity through the use of photo-voltaic cells. It can be used to power cars, homes, buildings and schools.

The United States consumes 26% of the world’s energy.  Two-thirds of U.S. energy is used to heat, cool and light our buildings.  85% of this power comes from burning fossils fuels.  By taking advantage of solar electricity, you can be part of the solution.